Friday, March 5, 2010

The best kind of day and Romeo pt. 2

This is the best kind of day. I just love it.

The weather has finally warmed up a *wee bit* after what has felt like the longest freeze EVER. I took the kid to the park yesterday and today to soak up some sun and enjoy the temperatures in the 50's.

I have all my window shades open and a couple of windows cracked (gasp!) so our home no longer smells stuffy and like dogs, but like fresh air and sunshine. Ah.

The hubby is outside right now with the kid, replacing a headlight on our car and I have a little time to myself to catch up on my Real Housewives and The View watching. It's amazing how much larger our house seems when you include the yard. Truth be told, we hardly ever use our yard, because it's not fenced and totally exposed to the neighborhood. I'd love to get a swing set, but I worry about liability, so the kid sticks to the basics: ball, tag, frisbee, tricycle. We're very lucky to have a neighborhood with lots of children, most of whom don't mind playing with a 2 year old, even though they are much older.

I know that soon Mother Nature is going to take this beautiful weather away from us, so for now I will just try and appreciate every moment of it. Lovely-ness.

Oh, I should also mention that "Romeo" came back today. Yep. The dog came back...he just wouldn't stay away. I couldn't believe it. The kid was asleep in his room and both dogs were on the couch with me when I heard a scratching on my back door. I got up to look and--lo and behold--there was the same brown chihuahua that I brought to the pound earlier this week. He had opened the back door and was jumping to get in, pining for Daisy all the while.

I put him back outside and locked the door, sure that he would go home since he obviously lives near. This dog is smarter than he looks. After being locked out of the back, he came around to the front and jumped and scratched at the door, driving me quietly mad. What the HECK?

Unfortunately, the owners did not attach a name tag to his collar, even after picking him up at the pound (?????), so I called animal control again and asked for the name and phone number of the owner. Luckily, they were out looking for their dog and they pulled right up in front of our house. The owner said that the li'l guy opened their screen door (three blocks away) by himself, and they would get an ID tag right away. I told her I'd keep her name and number, just in case.

Oh, and if you were wondering, I found out Romeo's real name. It's Shredder. :)
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