Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A transcript

This transcript is the kid, word for word, playing while I type. The only things I left out were words I couldn't quite catch. He is 2 years, 7 months (about).

(throwing blocks into a laundry basket) Wow, look at that. Lemme try. close! Lemme try. Oh. Oh. (sad voice) close. So close (laughing) So close. Damn. (I need to stop saying that word in front of him)

(Phone--I let him answer)

You at work? Oh, he's at work! Throwin' in bastek. (gives me the phone) close. close. close.

Me: Maybe get a little closer.

Aw...(now pushing the laundry basket) Let's do 'wards! Let's go backwards!

I put basket way by door so Daisy won't get it!

(throwing a ball in the air)

I move forward! Way way way up high! I will try way way way up! It magic! (putting ball in a tube and using it as a telescope)

How do get ball way out of here? How do get ball out of here? How do get ball out of here?

(I help him get it out)

(throwing ball at basket now)

I will throw this way way way way way way way way up high.

(sat in basket on accident)

I fall. Push me! Push me! Push me! Push me! Push me!

(I refuse)

Pincture of this...Pincture of this....Pincture of this (covering the basket with a blanket)

Me: a what? A picture?

No! Look! With my blanket! I made a pincture!

Me: you made it disappear?


I made a trick! I made a trick with my wand.

I trying to make magic. It's magic! It's magic! It will be magic. Wait, it will be magic! (high pitched squealing excited voice)

(throwing ball in basket again)

Good, good. I will throw this way way way way way over there! (throwing a block)

I will throw it way way way way over there! Watch me! It will will magic. It will do magic!

Whoops! Weee! (dropped block, slid down the lamp to retrieve it)

Weee! (figured out this is like a fireman's poll)

(threw a ball at my head)

It go all the way! All the way there!

Weeee! That one is wee time! It's weee and I slid down! Weeee! Weee! That was fun! Weeee! That was fun. Weee.

(I say be careful)

He hits his head on the window ledge

Racoon...tata..lala....(putting blocks in the basket)

Lets get rest of them block! (high pitched squealing) magic...magic...magic...magic...magic...magic....

Me: are you cleaning up?

(Animal-like noises as he pushes the basket around the living room)

I do more more pincture. Magic.

It will go to pincture! It will go to pincture! What this? What this? Watch! It will go to pincture! Watch! It will go to pincture! And, it's magic! (removing blanket from top of basket)

It's magic (singing the words now)

Whoaaaa! (fell down)

Pa-tow! (throwing ball at poor dog)

(I tell him not to do that)

(looking through tube like telescope at said poor dog) Vinnie.

Piders! Piders! (hits floor with tube)

(I yell at him, thinking he's hitting the dog)

You not 'posed to yell at me! I want hit 'piders. On floor. (all sad)

(stalking imaginary spiders through long tube, used as telescope)

(gets in laundry basket, like he's in a cage)

(gets out of said cage)

Whoa! (stands on top of cage)

I come to creature! Any one of you creature! Any one of you creature! Any one of you creature!!!

Me: I'm a creature?

Yeah! Anyone of you creature! And you boy! (points to imaginary boy) Anyone! Anyone who's a creature! (looking through his telescope)

Anyone who's a creature. (stop to snap photos of him with webcam)

I wanna see me. Put my picture on!

(dogs bark)


Mom! Mom! Barkin'!

Anyone who's a creature.

Put my video on. Put my video on. (jumping back and forth between basket and couch)

Anyone who's a creature, you knows! Anyone who's a creature. See sumpin? (puts tube to my eye) There's alligator. There's way alligator! Where my thing? (goes to get bucket to stand on).

We could do this and walk on stuff and walk on other one and walk on other one! (moving basket and bucket near couch, to walk across like stepping stones)

Walk on other one. Walk on other one. Hop! And walk...on...and walk on other one. And walk on other one. (lots of hopping across) I jump!

(stops to pound on bucket like drum)

(makes some pretty good music)

Aaaaaah! (jumps off basket, over bucket) I flew right over here! Isn't that cool? I flew right over here. Whoa! That cool! Let do it again. Cus, I do it again. Need other bastek. Need other bastek. (puts other laundry basket at end of row). Stepping on them all again.

Isn't that cool? You jump way over here, and you jump way over here...isn't that awesome? Rock out baby. One three jump! (jumping off basket) I ok. One three jump! (jumps) Whoa! Whoa! Soon as dad come home, he come home, I will jump! Wha! Ready? Jump! (jumps)

(I catch a whiff of something)
Me: Did you poop in your pants?
No. Vinnie.
Me: Did Vinnie poop?
In my bed. (points to bedroom)

(Puts laundry basket over himself in fetal position)

Mom, I stuck in cage! Mom, I stuck in cage! Help mom! Help! Help, mom! Help! (I save him)

I will get you in a cage too! (Puts basket over bucket and flies off said basket)

I could go on all day....
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