Friday, February 19, 2010

Rude awakening.

I feel like I've been punched in the gut. When I went to bed last night, I never would have thought that I'd wake up this morning to my husband standing in the doorway of my bedroom, telling me that he wanted out. That's right...he wanted a separation--from my facebook account.

Let me explain. The hubby and I have always shared facebook and myspace accounts. We are known as R___nT___. I would put our names in there, but that would be entirely too google-able. Because we have used that screen name for so long, for so many things, we actually have a pretty substantial web presence, some of which is a tiny bit embarrassing.

Anyway, we have been R___nT___ for a very long time. I love having a joint facebook account, to be honest. Some people may view it as being co-dependent, and I guess that is true to a degree, but it's really just more convenient than anything:

-We don't ever have arguments about talking to old boyfriends/girlfriends online.
-We upload pictures of the kid and don't have to figure out who's page it goes on.
-I enjoy getting to know friends of his through facebook posts and correspondence--people who I never would have had the chance to sit down and talk with in real life.
-The account has always been under his name, which happens to be a very common name, so it is virtually impossible for people to find me if I don't want them to.

What's not to love?

So, you can imagine my shock at 8:00 this morning when the hubby proudly broke the news to me like this:

"I have made a major change to our facebook page. I took myself off of it, changed all the information to yours, and now it's just your page!"


I felt railroaded--like the time in college when I had mono and came back to my room to rest, only to find that my roommate had put everything in the middle of the room and was re-arranging her things AND MINE without even asking. That bitch. Man, she was annoying.

But,I digress. My feelings were hurt, is what I'm trying to say. Why did my husband want to break up our facebook? Was it something I did? I can do better! It doesn't have to be like this! Give me another chance!

My morning has been spent changing information and arguing with his new profile on facebook. At least I can delete some of his friends who annoy me. Oh well.
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