Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random thoughts from a tired 30 year-old.

It is 11:05 pm and I want desperately to write something, but cannot seem to put a thought together. This, therefore, will be random.

I am tired, but I'm afraid the kid will wake up again and I'll have to get up anyway, to put him back to bed, so I'm procrastinating sleep. Of all the things to procrastinate, I'm thinking sleep may be the most pointless, but, eh, it's what I do.

My dog bit my hand yesterday. That hurt like a mo' fo', and I can just now use it. Didn't break the skin, but I think he may have injured a tendon under my thumb. Sucked big time.

My sister finally dyed my hair today and after five long hours, I left her house thinking that I looked pretty much the same as when I went in. Luckily, I came home and took a second look to find that there is a (subtle) difference. Good enough for me!

Why is it that when you try your best to be "deep", it never happens? Deep thoughts appear to only appear when un-forced. Hm...that was deep.

Sometimes I just want to put this on my facebook status: "If you are against gay marriage or a fan of Sarah Palin and you are not a member of my immediate family, please remove me from your friends list right now. We do not share the same values." The only thing keeping me from doing this is the fact that I will probably run into some of these people in real life, and definitely at family reunions. That would be awkward, and I hate confrontation. :(

I hate that I became a bad dog parent when I became a kid parent.

An embarrassing amount of my life has been wasted on facebook apps like Bejeweled and Restaurant City.

I used to want to be famous, but that has greatly changed. Being famous today would SUCK. Now I just want to be successful and financially comfortable.

If I were rich, one of the first things I'd spend money on is laser hair removal all over my body. Never shave my legs again? Sign me up! That would rock.

I was obsessed with the MMC (Mickey Mouse Club for those of you out-of-the-loop) and The Party when I was a kid. Sometimes when I'm bored online, I'll sit around googling cast members, trying to figure out what they have been up to for the past 15 or-so years. I felt like I knew them. When we lived in LA, I went to a Tony Lucca show by myself because the hubby had to work, and there were like 10 former Mouseketeers there in the audience. I'd thought I'd died and gone to heaven! Although I was too nervous to talk to any of them, I felt like I was in a group of old friends, at a reunion of sorts. That was awesome.

I just googled Tiffini Hale. Couldn't help it.

Now I can't stop digging for info on her. I need to go to bed.

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