Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pepi Hamburger

Happy 103rd birthday, Pepi Hamburger of Deerfield Beach, FL! Willard Scott just introduced Pepi during his Schmucker's Happy Birhday segment, and her name struck me as adorable.

Naturally, the first thing that springs to mind is "Pepsi and a hamburger", so I became curious as to when Pepsi was invented, to see if it was possible that Pepi's parents named her after the cola. Well, what do you know?
Pepsi was invented in 1898, but started being marketed as Pepsi in 1903. Since Pepi was born in 1907, it is entirely possible that she was named after the beverage! I wonder if she was taunted as a child, or as a young woman during the depression when Pepsi really started taking off as an alternative to Coca-cola. Hm.

This is the kind of thing I always do: sit around looking up and pondering useless information on my laptop. If anyone can find a way for me to parlay that into a lucrative career, please let me know. :)

Now I'm hungry for Pepsi and a hamburger. I think I'll take the kid to Five Guys for lunch!
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