Sunday, February 28, 2010

A "gentle" nudge

I was very sweetly reminded yesterday by Jerry over at Gently Said that I forgot to blog last week. While I appreciate the reminder and am happy to be missed, the fact of the matter is that I did not forget, but just never got around to finishing what I started.

Three different times this past week I sat down and started a post, and each of those times I pushed "save now" and walked away before it was finished. One time the kid woke up, one time I got distracted by facebook, and the final attempt was foiled by a migraine. So, you see, I have not so much abandoned this blog, I've just been blocked from it several times.

That said, I suppose an update of the last week is in order. To be honest, part of the reason I wasn't finishing what I started was because I haven't had much to write about. The kid and I have been staying home quite a bit in an attempt to avoid the bad weather and save a little money in the process.

The hubby and I had plans on Friday to go out and paint the town red. About six weeks ago, I bought a groupon for a nice hotel downtown near the Power and Light District, an area with lots of fun bars and restaurants. We decided to go out for the night and celebrate a late Valentine's day away from the kid and meet up with some friends for a bit of adult socialization.

Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy as all that--which seems to always be the case when you become a parent. My cousin was to watch the kid over night, but she called on Wednesday and said that they would have to go to a funeral and so they'd have to cancel on me, regrettably. Crap. I am sad that someone died, and I do feel sorry about that, but we had those plans for over a month, damn it! I called my sister, who was my back-up plan, and she said she'd be happy to take over, so game on! Woohoo!

The next day, I was out shopping for something to wear on my big night when I received another dreaded call, this time from my sister. Her kid had come down with some sort of stomach bug, so it was probably best if I didn't bring my kid over to their house, for fear of transmission of said bug. Great.

I called the hubby from Chick-fil-a, where the kid was happily romping, and broke the bad news. He was audibly annoyed as he asked for the name of the hotel so he could call and cancel it. Next, I called my friend Jamie* who was supposed to meet us with her husband for dinner and drinks. She was as disappointed as I was, and I couldn't believe we were canceling plans we'd made six weeks in advance with a sitter lined up and a backup plan to boot. It seemed as though God just didn't want us to go on a date.

Can I stay at your house? Please? I'm a nice boy!

The next morning, I had resigned myself to the fact that we would have a very boring weekend, sitting around the house playing the Wii and watching college basketball. Whoop-ti-do. My sister called that morning and said that her kid seemed better, so she sent him to school. How exciting! That means our kid can go over again! Let's call and get our hotel room back! Not so fast, cowboy. An hour later, she called me back and said that her kid was back in the nurse's office at school, this time with a sore throat and a fever. ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH!

I switched gears again and headed out to my chiropractor's appointment (my back is STILL messed up from two weeks ago). On the way there, I thought to give my cousin a call and see how things were going. I casually mentioned that my sister had to cancel and thus we had to cancel our plans when she informed me that her family's plans had changed. They were now not going to the funeral that originally threw a wrench in our plans. Since she thought we'd already made arrangements for our kid, she hadn't called us, but she said that he was more than welcome to come over and spend the night. Praise the Lord!

So, we called up the hotel, got our room back, called my friend Jamie back and told her that the original plan was back in place, and everything was set. Do you see the roller-coaster ride of disappointment and excitement we were on? It was unbelievable. By the time we actually dropped the kid off with my cousin, I had a hard time getting psyched up for the night ahead of us because I was so scared it would be taken away again!

In the end, everything worked out perfectly. We headed downtown and went straight to the movie theater to see Shutter Island.
I won't ruin it for you if you haven't seen it , but I'm going to tell you that it was incredibly disturbing, yet suspenseful and thought-provoking at the same time. The most disturbing part, though, wasn't the film but the price of our tickets. In order to finish with the movie in time to get back to the hotel room and get ready to go out for the evening, we had to buy the "cinema suite" tickets, which cost TWENTY-FREAKIN-FIVE DOLLARS each. These tickets come with the privilege of sitting in super fancy-schmancy recliners and having a waitress bring you $15 worth of food/drinks for free, but it was still a little ludicrous. I guess I'd have a different view of it if we had gone at dinner time, but seeing as how we were in-between meals, the whole thing just seemed like an enormous waste of money. Oh well. At least we got to see the movie we wanted at the right time and, being on a little mini-vacation, it seemed like a good time to waste a little money.

After the movie, we checked into our hotel to get gussied up for the night. Our friends met us for dinner and we spent a very nice evening together eating, drinking, dancing, and chatting. It was so much fun to spend an evening with other adults without worrying about chasing a two year old around--we need to do this at least twice a year to save my sanity, I think.

At dinner, listening to the smooth sounds of Air Supply--not a very hip music selection in that place.

The whole group at Howl at the Moon, a piano bar.

I've decided to make Jamie my new best friend, as she is definitely the funniest, most like-minded person I've met in ages. If you don't believe me, look at the pictures:

Yeah, maybe she makes me look fat, being about a third my size and all, but she's too fun to let a little thing like that get in the way.

Speaking of weight, I definitely need to lose some! Going through the pictures from that night, I came across some that I definitely will not share here, but which illustrated my need for more salad and less McDonald's! My goal from here out, on top of exercise, is to eat healthier. We went grocery shopping last night and got a bunch of vegetables, etc. This kind of thing will be much easier when the weather finally warms up a bit so we can get outdoors more, but I'll do what I can for now.

So, that's what my weekend was like. Thanks for the nudge, Jerry! I'm glad I have someone around to keep me on my toes. I'll try and keep up a little better from now on, but feel free to let me know if I'm falling behind. :)

*Not her real name
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