Monday, January 4, 2010

Opressive weather.

Have a look at our ten-day forecast:

10-Day Forecast

High /
Low (°F)
Precip. %
Jan 04
Partly Cloudy -5° 10 %
Jan 05
Partly Cloudy 18°/11° 0 %
Jan 06
Snow 24°/5° 80 %
Jan 07
Few Snow Showers 9°/-6° 30 %
Jan 08
Partly Cloudy 6°/-8° 20 %
Jan 09
Partly Cloudy 16°/10° 10 %
Jan 10
Mostly Sunny 33°/22° 10 %
Jan 11
Partly Cloudy 36°/23° 10 %
Jan 12
Partly Cloudy 31°/13° 10 %
Jan 13
AM Clouds / PM Sun 31°/18° 20 %
Last Updated Jan 4 03:15 p.m. CT

It is so cold that the kid can't go out and play, and there is about a foot of snow that's been on the ground for the last week. The hubby has to take my car to work because his car won't make it up the driveway with all the ice. Today was only day one of being at home alone with the kid, and it wasn't even a long day, but I'm already losing it.

When he came home from work today, I was in a terrible mood because the kid has not been very cooperative. I know that he's feeling just as cooped up as I am, but my tolerance level is not what it should be, having spent the last week and a half with a co-parent. I'm on the verge of tears, and it doesn't help that the hubby got mad at me for being so upset. I have a hard time hiding my feelings, and so I'm a bit sluggish right now and maybe a little short with him, but I don't think that him being upset with me is going to help anything. I just wish he could be more understanding of my feelings sometimes, especially when those feelings are ones of depression setting in. *shrug*

The hubby just took the kid out to dinner to give me some free time to myself, but I'm afraid that all I can do is clean and shovel snow, as we have a showing on our house tomorrow. We apparently never took it off the market, so we're doing this one last showing before tearing down the sign. I would be excited if there wasn't so much to do to prepare! I guess I'd better hop to it. I'm thinking a martini may make this whole process less miserable...
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