Friday, January 29, 2010

Early onset dementia and stuff.

There is so much in my head right now. I think I had too much caffeine again...

So, I feel like I'm losing my mind a little bit. Lately, my memory has been going down the tubes. Is this due to my age? Really? I think 30 is a little too young to be suffering from dementia, but maybe I'm wrong. Completing a thought has been an issue these past few days, and remembering details has been near impossible. In fact, I just forgot what I was about to write. What is that all about?

Maybe this is all due to the fact that my life has become very routine. I watch the kid, shop for groceries, keep house (some days better than others) and socialize as much as necessary to keep myself from going crazy. The days are bleeding into one another, one indistinguishable from the next. Even if I do get out and do things, it's not like I'm doing anything so exciting that I'll remember it in a month or two anyway. I've been busy doing a whole lot of nothing, basically. Hopping from one thing to the next, but with nothing really to show for it.

What have I been doing, exactly? Well, let's see what I can remember. Last night, the hubby shaved his head. That was pretty interesting. He looks a bit frightening, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. His hair was thinning to the point that he would see photos of himself and be embarrassed, so it was more of a necessity than a choice. What really pissed me off about the whole thing is that he posted photos on facebook and a lot of the comments were along the lines of, "You need an orange jumpsuit to complete the look!" or "You looked better with hair!" While those may be their opinions, it upset me that they would say that to someone who (a) did this out of necessity since he was balding anyway, and (b) can't glue his hair back on anyway. I know it's "just the internet" and all, but people need to learn that they shouldn't say anything on facebook that they wouldn't say to someone's face. The hubby didn't seem to have a problem with any of the comments, but he may have just not said anything.

What else? Oh, I have been working out using Shaun T's Insanity workout. The good news is that it works, the bad news is that it's RIDICULOUSLY DIFFICULT. I wouldn't be doing it at all if I wasn't being peer-pressured into it by the other moms in my mom's group! One girl in particular is in super-good shape and got everyone on the bandwagon. I can only do about half the workout each time, but I'm trying! I really don't think that anyone who isn't already in aerobics instructor-shape could complete this program successfully from start to finish. My goal is just to stop feeling my back jiggle when I run and to slim down my lower body a bit--I don't need a six-pack or anything. I think I've lost about five pounds so far, and it's only been two weeks, so I'm on my way!

The weather today is sooooo cold again. As soon as the kid wakes up from his nap, I promised we'd go do something fun, but I'm not really sure what that will be. I'm running out of indoor activities! I'd also like to not spend a ton of money, so we'll probably end up just going to play at McDonald's or something. I could take him to Monkey Bizness, but it's like $7.50 for him to get in, then we always end up buying food and drinks, so when all is said and done, it's over $10 I've spent for him to play basketball for two hours. Now that I read that back, it doesn't seem so bad. Hm. Maybe we'll do that.

I miss writing and recording music so badly. Now that we've taken our house off the market (again), I feel kind of hopeless about ever getting a home studio set up again. We definitely don't have the space here. Maybe I will just try to commit myself to sit down daily and write on this blog--at least that would be some sort of outlet. I've been thinking more and more about taking creative writing classes of some sort, but I was hoping to attend KU, and I'm not really able to do that living here with a 2 year-old to take care of. We'll see.

Well, I should get off my lazy butt and exercise, then shower before the kid wakes up from his nap. He's a little ticking time bomb when he's napping...if I don't get moving fast enough, I miss out on my chance. Later gators. :)

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