Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

One thing about getting older is that you stop going out for New Year's Eve. Part of the reason, in my case, is because I have a small child, but also I just don't really like being in crowds of drunken people (never have) and now, at 30 years old, it's socially acceptable to stay home.

So, the hubby, the kid, and I are all spending a quiet evening at home. The kid just went down to bed and the time is now 8:04 pm. We bought a bottle of prosecco, there is a Twilight Zone Marathon on, and we'll probably jump on Stickam to hang out with some of our virtual friends. Nerdy? Yes. Enjoyable? Sure thing!

With the new year upon us, all I see/hear are ads for weight loss solutions. Why do so many people choose the new year to begin a weight loss regime? Do you think it's because we've all over-indulged at Christmas? Maybe partly, for a small fraction of the population. Seeing the amount of Americans who are overweight, it would seem that the answer has more to do with these diet companies realizing that the beginning of January is when everyone still has their resolutions intact.

Sad as it may be, the commercials have been getting to me. Maybe I could use to lose a few pounds...just five or so. I hate that I even think like that, because I am at a healthy weight, and I really don't want to let Hollywood ideals lead me to feeling bad about myself, but it's hard to resist. After Brittany Murphy's recent untimely death, I have been valuing my health more and more. I know that the autopsy results are not yet in, but it seems to me, even if she did die of "natural causes", it is abundantly clear that she was not a healthy person. Look at the photos of her from early December:

Yikes! Perhaps my resolution should just be never to look like that. I loved the girl, she was very funny, cute, and talented--especially as a singer--but it makes me sad to see what she had become. Is this what women should strive to look like? I seriously hope not.

Anyway, I'll probably just lay off of the holiday foods and be fine. What else would I like to do this year? Oh! Well, maybe not this year, but sometime in the near future I'd like to go back to school and take some creative writing courses and possibly photography classes. I've been thinking about it, and photography and writing are definitely two things I would absolutely love to make a living at one day. In fact, I will say right here and now, New Year's Eve 2009, I will one day be a paid writer and/or photographer. There. That's my resolution!

Now I will stop ignoring the hubby and go spend the rest of 2009 with him. See you in 2010!
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