Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leaving Rhode Island

On today, my last day in Rhode Island, I just figured out that if I move the laptop into the dining room, I can connect to someone's Linksys internet. And I'm supposed to be smart. Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, but oh well!

Just got finished uploading a bunch of photos to facebook, and while the videos are uploading seemed like the perfect opportunity to blog about my trip. It has been SO lovely! I love New England. I can understand why the cost of living is so high out here now--because if everyone could afford to live here, they would! The fall colors are beautiful, of course, but I think that what I like best about this area is the towns. They really are towns in the purest sense of the word; like the images you see in movies portraying small-town life. I didn't even really think they existed, but they do here!

Of course, there are Wal-Marts, Targets, KFCs, and pretty much any other chain you can imagine, but they haven't taken over the landscape the way they have in the Midwest. The highways are lined with trees, which is very pretty, as well. Not as crowded as I would have imagined at all, either--quite the opposite, actually. Love it.

Here are some photos of my trip, just for fun:
Look at the cute earrings I got in Putnam, CT! They were only $10 at an antique store. :)

At dinner with Lynette at Guytanno's in Westerly, RI. The cook was in love with us. :)

When in New England, eat seafood, I always say! Well, I don't always say it, I suppose, but it is good policy...

That was some delicious wine!

Lynette's dog was so sweet! He loved to lick my face. :)

This was how most of the trip was spent...relaxin' on the couch with a Snuggie. What?

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