Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Excited and excitment!

I am so excited! In less than two weeks, I am flying to Rhode Island to visit my best friend, Lynette! WOOHOO!!!!

She is pregnant, as you may remember, and her husband is currently living in North Carolina, waiting on her to get a transfer there to be with him. I thought it would be perfect timing to go visit her since she will be lonely anyway, Autumn in New England will be in full-swing, and I've never flown out to see her the whole time she's lived there. I can't wait!

The kid will be staying here with the hubby, and I do admit that I will miss them both, but it will be so nice to have time alone with Lynette. I am so looking forward to having the time to visit with her, uninterrupted. I think I'll bring an arsenal of chick flicks. She's Having a Baby, Steel Magnolias, that sort of thing. I'll take lots of pictures, too, since she lives on the coast. Should be beautiful!

What else, what else? Well, the hubby had the weekend off, and so we made the most of it. On Saturday, we went to the Oztoberfest in Wamego, KS. Wamego is the home of the Wizard of Oz museum, so the whole main street there is pretty much themed out in Oz. It was a lot of fun! As you know, I am a huge Oz fan, so spending the day immersed in it was awesome. They even had the surviving munchkins there signing autographs, but we weren't exactly able to stand in the line for it with a two year-old. Oh well.

There were lots of people dressed up in costume there, and every time the kid saw one, he'd get excited and want to go see them. Then, when we got there, he would be terrified of them. I thought it was just the Witch at first because, well, of course the witch would be scary, but actually, it was everyone in costume he was afraid of, right down to Dorothy, and I have the pictures to prove it. Of course, as soon as they were all out of view, all he wanted to do was go and find them again, but this cycle continued pretty much all day. Oh well. Whatareyagonnado?

Wamego has an amazing park! I know that sounds silly, but it really is awesome, especially for such a small town. There is more playground equipment there than I have ever seen on any park in the city. The kid really enjoyed going down the very tall slide, the likes of which are mostly extinct, due to liability issues, I imagine. He would climb up, hesitate at the top, go down the slide, then say, "I do it again!". This park also had an old-fashioned merry-go round, the sort that you push around and can make children fly off like Superman due to the centrifugal force.

We got in a lot of walking that day, which was good since we ate so badly! After the kid had a nice nap on the way home, we decided that the weather was too nice to stay inside for the evening, so we ended our day with a trip to the Plaza. There is just something about a brisk Autumn evening on the Plaza and a hot Chai Latte that is unbelievably good. In that moment, everything is right with the world.

The kid really enjoyed drinking his "coffee" (aka hot chocolate) at the table with us outside. I think he really felt like a big boy sitting there with his paper cup. The couple at the next table was going on and on about how adorable he was and how stylish he was dressed, but then he threw a tantrum as we were leaving, so I'm pretty sure I spoiled that illusion for them, lol.

On Sunday we went to the Renaissance Fair, but I haven't uploaded any photos yet. I never really enjoy them very much, but this was far more enjoyable now that we have a kid. We got him a wooden sword and he spent the whole time attacking bushes, trees, and his friend, who also had a sword.

The hubby always wants to squish as much as possible into his days off, which is fun but exhausting. I get really frustrated with him when he wants to get up early on a weekend and go clean the car and whatever else he has planned, but I understand that he has little free time in which to do these things. I just don't really get why he wants his whole day to be scheduled--it's like he's at work.

In house-painting news, I am getting even more annoyed with this painter. Last week, he missed a day because he said his Grandmother is sick and dying, which I hate to not believe, but it's sort of the oldest excuse in the book. I gave him $100 to go rent a power washer, and he still has not power washed the front porch, which he said was going to be painted before last week was over. There is still paint all over the window panes, and the shutters are not back up yet. He did paint the shutters, to cover up what he got on them, but in doing so, he leaned them against the garage and now our garage looks like it's got graffiti on it. Why does he only come for two or three hours a day? I have no idea. I am considering just asking him for the rest of the paint and doing it myself. I'm pretty sure that I could finish more in a day than he can, which is really saying something since I am meticulous at painting, and rather slow. I just want him to be finished already, so I don't have to see him! I'm getting so annoyed that it's hard to keep my composure when he does come around.

I guess I'd better get off this computer and get ready for the day. The hubby is working late tonight, so as soon as the kid wakes up, I'm going to take him out to do something. The thought of being inside for an entire day is just more than I can take, especially with a high of 65 degrees! Maybe I'll take him to the park, then out to a friend's house. Should be nice. I should probably clean a bit before we leave, too.
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