Monday, September 28, 2009

Writing to write

I have lately had an insatiable need to write. To write what? I do not know. Anything, really, I suppose. I wish I could channel that energy into song writing, and come up with a hit, but now does not seem to be the time for that, so I will just record my thoughts rather than my voice for the time being.

I love Bonnie Hunt. Her show comes on right around the kid's naptime, so
I usually hold him on my lap and turn her on while he falls asleep. Maybe it's because she was raised in the midwest, but she seems like a really sweet person--someone I would love to get to know better, in person. She is moving to the top of my list of celebrities I'd like to meet--right up there with Dolly Parton.

The weather today is gorgeous--a high of 68, sunny, and windy. I can't understand for the life of me why the painter is not here enjoying it while painting my house. What is this guy's deal, anyway??? He missed Friday because he said he had a sick kid, then I saw him on Saturday before we left to a birthday party. He said he was going to stay late that day because he needed to be done by Monday. Well, he was gone by the time I got back around four, then he didn't even show up on Sunday. Here it is 12:13pm and he's still not here today, so I truly doubt he will be finished today. There is no way, in fact. He still haas half the house to paint, window sills to glaze, white trim to be done, the porch floor, and scraping and painting of the garage. If he'd worked all day Saturday and Sunday, he would have easily finished by today.

I think I brought this on myself, sadly. He needed more money for paint for the front porch, because we aren't paying him in total until the job is done and he's out of supply money. I gave him $100 for paint on Saturday, and I haven't seen him since. The reason he said he had to be done by today was because he had to pay his phone bill, but now I see that he probably took that money and paid his phone bill with it rather than buying paint. Not sure how this is going to go down, but I sure wish the hubby would be here to deal with it so I didn't have to, because I'm not good with confrontation!

Yesterday was a nice, lazy Sunday. The hubby actually had the day off, so we took the kid to the Plaza Art Fair, which was lovely. The weather was a bit hot (85 yesterday!), but we all thoroughly enjoyed taking in the art, food, and people/dog watching. There were so many cute dogs there!

Speaking of dogs, we have been talking more and more about finding new homes for Daisy and Vinnie. I feel like the worst dog parent ever, but I don't know what else to do: Vinnie bit the kid on Friday so bad that he cried himself to sleep. He bit him on the soft part of the palm, under his thumb, and bruised him terribly. He didn't break the skin, luckily, but it was not pretty. I was in the bathroom at the time. If I could think of some way to keep them, I would definitely do that, but I feel like I'm being forced into re-homing them. Maybe we just need to wait until the kid is a little older before he can have a dog, so he can understand their boundaries.

It broke my heart this morning, when the kid was sitting with Daisy on the couch, petting her. He kept saying, in this adorable high voice, "Daisy, so cute! Aw, look at your ears! So cute! I love you, Daisy!" She was growling the whole time, and all he wanted was to love her. I'm still trying to figure something else out, so maybe we will be able to keep them, but I'm just not sure right now. They were here first, and it seems terribly unfair to have to give them up for a kid who's been here only two years, but I can't very well give the kid away now, can I? And he's just not learning any lessons. One would think that after being bit several times, he would stop chasing them and pulling their tails and jumping on them, but it's just not the case. :(

I seriously need to get dressed. Preferably, I would take a shower, but I know that as soon as I get in the kid will wake up or the painter will arrive and make the dogs bark. I think I'm going to dye my hair tonight, which could be a serious mistake, but I'm itching for a change. We shall see!

On the agenda today: Bank, park, cleaning...I think that's about it! Lazy day. :)
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