Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still out of town.

So, as we were locking up the house for our long weekend with family, I got a call from the kidney donor office, saying that I was cleared for the next round of testing to participate in the paired kidney exchange for Eileen. Woohoo! The bad news? They can only do this next round of testing on a WEDNESDAY. We were only planning on staying through Monday, as the hubby had to get back to work, but we figured out a plan for me and the kid to stay past Wednesday so that I don't have to drive all the way back to St. Louis again. He would take me to my mom's house before leaving on Monday, where I would stay with the kid until Wednesday when my mom could take me up to Barnes-Jewish for testing. Then she would take me back to my dad's house Wednesday night, and they would take me and the kid to the train station on Thursday to ride the Amtrak home.

So, I'm at my mom's house right now. She also lives in the middle of nowhere, but it's much more relaxing than my dad's house, as there isn't a gaggle of kids running around arguing with one another and their parents. She has a beautiful deck off the back of her house, woods all around, with four bird feeders set up around the perimeter. The hummingbirds offer constant entertainment, and the kid hasn't even gotten bored yet, which is saying something since she doesn't really have any toys. The weather has been absolutely beautiful, so we've been spending a lot of time outdoors and the kid often exclaims, "Nice weather!". So cute!

I've never really seen the appeal of living in the country, but I always enjoy my time when I visit. There is something so sweet about having only four television channels and bird watching. I don't think I've ever quite fully enjoyed the coming of Autumn as much as I have this year--it's so lovely to have the time to take it all in.

The weekend was a lot of fun. Very relaxing, and so nice to be able to take advantage of the hubby's time off. We went to a wedding of one of my high school friends on Saturday. It was in a very very small town, so the hubby and I were incredibly over-dressed. Oops. I always forget that people don't dress up as much in small towns! I'm glad that he has gotten to a point where he doesn't even flinch when he goes to a wedding and sees people wearing shorts. He's just accepted small-town life in Missouri, and he doesn't judge. He even said he had a great time! I love him so much. :)

On Sunday, we took the kid to the zoo with Eileen. St. Louis zoo is really fun! It's free to get in, but parking is $11, lunch was $25, and the kid's zoo cost $3/person, so...yeah, not actually free. It was ok, though. Still had a great time! I enjoyed a delicious sugar-free cherry sno-cone, which I suspected wasn't actually sugar-free, but that's ok.

OMG, there is a guy on tv who is trying to put on like 200 t-shirts. He only got to 177 and he almost passed out. Dummy.

Anyway, I have to go do my last round of kidney testing tomorrow, which includes a talk with the doctor, a CT or MRI scan, and a talk with a counselor. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm getting a little bit nervous! The way it works is, if I get approved as a donor, they'll put my info on a national list. If there is someone out there who I am match for, and THEY have a loved one who is a match for Eileen, then I will donate to them and their person will donate to her. I like it, because two people get kidneys instead of just one! I am a little concerned about the recovery, and not being able to hold the kid, but he is two now and can mostly walk everywhere, and I imagine that my mom and sister will be very helpful after the surgery, so it should be fine. I'll write more about all this after my appointment, or after I hear my results.

On the agenda today: get dressed, clean up a bit, then go and bring my Grandma some pictures in the nursing home. We went to see her yesterday, but I promised her I would come back today since our visit was so short. I wish I could think of something to do with her...she just sits there and I have to shout everything I say to her, but I know she really appreciates the company.

Better get going!
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