Monday, September 21, 2009

Some recent photos

Since I've already posted some personal photos, I guess I'll just go ahead and post more! I debated ever posting any photos of myself or my family, but I guess it's ok. It's a struggle for me to not share this kind of thing, since I really am proud of my family! I'm still using the pseudonyms anyway, so I guess it's fine. *shrug*

Here's my little family after my friend's wedding on the 19th. We wanted to get a picture all dressed-up together, since that rarely ever happens. I was planning on getting some professional pictures done this fall, but I'm not sure we'll have the time, with the hubby's job and all. Busy season, you know. These turned out especially nice anyway, so I guess we can forgo the $150 sitting fee I was going to pay and just get these framed for friends and family. These were taken at my Dad's house, and I really couldn't ask for a prettier setting, unless maybe the leaves had been turning. That dress is a BCBG dress I got last year and have already worn several times, but I still really love the thing. It is even more beautiful in person than in the photo--it shimmers with copper threads. The shoes are also a favorite of mine, and aren't nearly as uncomfortable as one would expect!

Here's my Grammy, who we went to see when we were visiting my mom. Grammy lives in a nursing home and suffers from dementia, but is getting a whole lot better, if you ask me. We went to see her both days we were at my mom's house, and she actually remembered that I was coming back the second day, which I was surprised about. I put her hair up in that pony tail and told her she looked like a teenaged cheerleader. She got a kick out of that. :) The kid wouldn't pose with her, so I got him behind her in the photo.

We took the train home from my dad's house, and this is us before we boarded, in Hermann, MO. I was really excited to get on the Amtrak, but I was a little worried when we got there and there was no ticket agent or anything at the station. It was basically just a big shelter with a bench, like at a bus stop. The sign said something about "no checked luggage at this location", so I thought maybe I was in trouble and they wouldn't take my big bag, but that was all for nothing as I had no trouble whatsoever getting on the train. As soon as he saw it coming down the track, the kid yelled, "Blue train!" and ever since then, when he talks about it, he tells people "I ride on blue train." So cute!

Anyway, we really enjoyed our ride. The price really wasn't too expensive...$25 for me, $12.50 for him. It was nice to be able to watch movies and socialize rather than having to drive the whole time, and it only took an hour longer than driving would have taken, so I think it was well-worth the money. The train was also much wider than an airplane, with more leg room, too. There is something to be said about being able to get up and walk around instead of being buckled into a seat the whole time!

After we got back and were all together as a family again, the hubby got an invite to sit in a box at the Chiefs game, so of course we went! It was a very nice day for a game, and the seats were great (although none of those pictures came out). Though he works a lot, it's nice that the hubby has such great perks to take advantage of through his job when he gets the opportunity. The kid was afraid of the cheerleaders when they walked in, but after they left he was looking for them and now that he's home, he constantly wants to look at their picture together. I'm going to print one out so he can look at it whenever he wants. How cute is that? ;)

So, that's the fam! I'll post more photos as I get them, when I remember. I'm sure it's more fun to read a blog when pictures are involved, so I'll try and do that more often.
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