Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life on the market

So, I'm getting kind of frustrated with having our house on the market. Selling a house is such a personal thing, and every time someone comes to look at it and doesn't like it, it's like they're kicking me in the shins. What's wrong with my house? It's perfectly lovely!

The hubby just took the kid out to clean the car after we drove down the road and back to allow for a showing. We cleaned like mad while I made chocolate chip cookies to leave on the table as a bribe. They actually DID eat some cookies, but they weren't in here very long, so I'm assuming she doesn't like something about my adorable house.

I've been trying to stay positive through this whole experience. Every time we have a showing, I go around telling everyone, "We are selling our house tonight. This one's the one! I can feel it!" But The Secret doesn't seem to be working out very well for me, because so far no one has bitten. Maybe I need to write myself a check for the amount of the house? They say that works. I'll try anything at this point!

It's not only that the whole thing is insulting, but it's just very tedious trying to keep the house spotless all the time. You see, I am not a super-clean person. I'm no pig either, but I don't mind a little clutter here and there. With the house on the market, I can never let the cleaning go for very long, because I know if I do I'll get a call saying someone wants to show the house in an hour. You think I'm kidding, but that actually happened one time! I had to decline, because I didn't have enough time to clean everything, and the clients never came back again. I hope that wasn't the one we were going to hook, because I sure screwed it up!

We have been dumping money into this house left and right, trying to get someone to buy it. A couple months ago it was a new roof, and now we're having the whole exterior painted. The painter is a hoot, by the way. He looks and sounds a lot like Joaquin Phoenix, if Joaquin Phoenix had grown up in Kansas and become a house painter. On the days he comes (which is by no means every day), he gets here around noon, scrapes paint off the side of the house for a few hours while drinking malt liquor and smoking, then leaves. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, because this guy charged about a third of what other contractors quoted, but I just think it's funny. I'm really hoping he gets the work all done by next week, because it's stressing me out. Today, he actually started painting, which was exciting, though he only did 1.75 sides of the house, and only one coat done. I can't understand why he doesn't hire someone to work with him, because surely that would be faster and he'd make his money back in the time saved anyway, but I guess this is just how he does it.

Today, I went out to give him some cookies that I made and I caught him peeing on our house. He was really embarrassed, but I didn't really mind so much. He kept apologizing, saying that in Oklahoma City where he used to live, he would have gotten fined and fired if someone caught him doing that. The guy's gotta put all that beer somewhere, though, right? I'm just glad he didn't come in and track paint all over the floor!

Hopefully we can get this house sold after it's painted and looking all beautiful. Please, readers (if you are out there), send the good vibrations our way! Life on the market is getting to me, it just must sell soon.
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