Friday, September 18, 2009

Home free

So, obviously I'm home from my trip. All that traveling left me with a stiff neck and a greater appreciation of my comfy, cozy home.

My day at Barnes-Jewish went well, but it was tiring. I had a counseling session, a CT scan with contrast dye, and a consultation with a kidney specialist. The CT was really weird--the dye makes you feel like you're peeing on yourself, believe it or not. Speaking with the doctor made me a little nervous, because she told me that my liver enzymes were elevated and they needed to re-test them. Apparently, they thought that I went on a booze bender the night before my first test, the reading was so high (I didn't).

Today, I spoke with the kidney donor office, and the representative told me that the re-test came out fine, so hooray! I was worried! Now, all I have to do is get clearance from my OB/GYN and I'll go on the paired kidney exchange list! Isn't that exciting? I'm nervous about being called in to donate a kidney, but I'm also really excited at the prospect of being able to help at least two people with this paired exchange. The only thing I'm really concerned about is the recovery period, since I won't be able to pick up the kid for at least six weeks. That's a long time!

So, as a result of this whole kidney exchange, I've gone off of my birth control pill. The doctor told me that I needed to be off the pill for at least three months before donating, as hospital policy. Apparently, with all the thousands of transplants they've done at that hospital, only one live donor died, and that was the result of a blood clot. She was on the pill. Makes sense from a liability standpoint, I guess.

In all actuality, I'm really excited to be free from the pill! Sure, it's got some benefits--painless periods, clearer skin, convenient birth control--but it's so nice not to have the synthetic hormones in my body. I'm hoping that I'll be able to go off Zoloft now, since I think that the pill was partly to blame for my depression in the first place. I'm also hoping that I'll lose these ten pounds that have recently, for no reason, taken up residence on my frame. Luckily my clothes still fit, but that number on the scale is still bothering me.

The weather here has been so lovely, I've been looking forward to Halloween this year with great enthusiasm. We've been invited to my cousin's house for a family Halloween party, so that's what we'll do. She has three kids who get along famously with mine, so it should be a really great time! I need to get to work on a super hero costume for him, as all he can talk about is flying and being super-strong. I was going to do Buzz Lightyear, but I may go with one of the Incredibles, since that would be so much easier. I was looking through photos of last Halloween today and the kid looked so adorable, I can't even tell you. I guess I'll have to show you:

He was dressed as Vinnie, our dog. I worked tirelessly on that costume--searching everywhere for a black sweatsuit and beanie, cutting the ears out of paper patterns first, then tracing them onto felt and sewing them on the hat, making sure that the white pattern on the kid's belly matched that of the dog's--but I must say that the whole thing was worth it when I saw him dressed up, smiling. This year will be even better than last, because he already understands Halloween! He's been saying to me, "Mom, I wanna eat Halloween!" The kid's got a memory for candy, I'll tell ya!

That picture makes me miss having long hair. :( I've really enjoyed this short haircut, but I think it's time to grow it back out. I've even started taking prenatal vitamins to try and get it to grow before Christmas. Maybe I'll just dye it for now, to mix it up a bit. Darker, maybe? We'll see what happens!
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