Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Autum Euphoria!

Perhaps it's the weather. Or the fact that I'm off the pill. Or maybe I'm getting used to the hubby's crazy work schedule. Or it could be the fact that I have the cutest kid in the world living in my home...whatever the cause, I have had a fabulous sense of euphoria lately. I keep catching myself in these moments where all of a sudden, everything is wonderful in my world and I am so grateful that I want to dance.

I've actually been dancing a lot lately, with the kid. We'll be watching tv and a song will come on and he'll say, "Mommy, dance!" and we'll bounce around like crazy people. Good exercise and an excellent energy boost!

The kid must be really enjoying this state I've been in lately, also. I've got a new-found patience for him and his antics, and I find myself wanting to treat him to movies and candy. Yesterday, we had to go to the bank, so I bribed the kid with the quarter-candy machine in the lobby. There were skittles, hot tamales, and peanut M & M's to choose from, so he chose the skittles. Nope--"too chewy", he said, spitting them out on the bank floor. M&M's?
I told him he wouldn't like them because they had nuts, but he insisted I was wrong. Two bites and..."I don't like these, mom". Yep, it was the nuts. We didn't try the hot tamales, since I was sure that they would be too chewy as well, so I told him he could get some candy at Wal-Mart when we went.

The kid was good all through Wal-Mart, so when we checked out, I let him pick out the candy. Starburst. Ok, that'll do...he's had them before and liked them. I paid for them and he opened the package as I was still checking out. "I don't like these, mom", he stated as he spit a yellow candy onto the floor. Great. So, I threw the Starburst in my purse, got him a giant roll of Smarties and he was finally happy. See? That kind of thing would have brought me to the end of my rope a couple of weeks ago, but this time I just kept buying him candy. Maybe that wasn't the best choice, from a parenting standpoint, but I'm pretty happy that I didn't blow up at him. After all, it's not his fault he didn't like any of that candy...a kid's gotta figure out his likes and dislikes!

With the cooler weather and warmer clothes, I'm finding myself breathing in a little deeper and stopping to appreciate the slowly changing leaves. Throwing in a fall movie, brewing myself a cup of tea, and lighting some spicy candles is my idea of heaven. I want to bake cookies and make soups. I want to put together outfits of sweaters, skirts, and boots.

Speaking of boots, I got the most fabulous pair of them the other day. I have had the same Timberland ankle boots for three years. They are comfy, stylish, and practical, but they are slowly falling apart. I ventured out to find a pair just like them, but tall, so I could wear them with skirts. It was a seemingly impossible mission: Brown suede, round toe, stacked heel, good traction, knee-high. After five stores and no matches, I ventured into Nordstrom and found exactly what I was looking for. And I do mean EXACTLY. It was like a miracle! How cute are these boots???? Unfortunately, they were Franco Sarto and $200. Lucky for me, the hubby was feeling very generous and allowed me to spend part of our escrow surplus check we recently received unexpectedly, so I got them anyway! . Score!

I can't wait for tonight, because today is the 70th anniversary of the release of The Wizard of Oz, so they are showing it in digitally remastered Hi-Definition at select theaters. One show only! I got our tickets yesterday and I hope to show up early so that we can get good seats. I wish I had a costume so the the kid could go dressed up as the tin man or the scarecrow, but I think about it until now, darn it. How cute would that have been? Oh, and if you are thinking I am dragging a two-year-old against his will to the movie theater, you are wrong. He LOVES the Wizard of Oz, and he LOVES the movie theater. He will sit through an entire movie without misbehaving at all, which is remarkable for someone of his age (26 months). Not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed of this fact, but it serves me well, so I guess I'm proud!

On the agenda today: Send family pictures to to be printed and picked up, go get bug bomb for the garage so that we can park the car in there without fear of being eaten by giant spiders, make chocolate chip cookies if I think the better of it after weighing their affect on my hips, and exercise when the kid takes his nap. Oh, and I plan on making my special Spicy Chorizo soup for dinner! This recipe is mine and mine alone, and I would like to share it with all of you, in honor of the beautiful Autumn weather:

TB's Spicy Chorizo Soup

1 lb. spicy Chorizo - crumbled (I generally just use one package, so it's not always exactly a pound)
1/2 lb. smoked bacon - chopped (I use turkey bacon to make it healthier)
1 qt. water
(2) 14.5 oz. cans (about 3 2/3 cups) chicken broth
3 lg. russet potatoes - scrubbed clean, cubed
3 garlic cloves - peeled, crushed
1 med. onion - peeled, chopped
3-4 cups chopped kale (One large bundle will do, you can sub swiss chard if needed, but I love kale)
1 cup half and half
salt and pepper - to taste

-In a skillet over medium-high heat, brown chorizo, breaking into small pieces as you fry it; drain, set aside.
-In a skillet over medium-high heat, brown bacon; drain, set aside.
-Place water, broth, potatoes, garlic, and onion in a pot; simmer over medium heat until potatoes are almost tender.
-Add chorizo and bacon to pot; simmer for 10 minutes.
-Add kale and half and half to pot; season with salt and pepper; heat through.

You can add more hot sauce, like Cholula, if it's not spicy enough for you. Serve with a really spongy bread for dipping!
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