Monday, September 28, 2009

Writing to write

I have lately had an insatiable need to write. To write what? I do not know. Anything, really, I suppose. I wish I could channel that energy into song writing, and come up with a hit, but now does not seem to be the time for that, so I will just record my thoughts rather than my voice for the time being.

I love Bonnie Hunt. Her show comes on right around the kid's naptime, so
I usually hold him on my lap and turn her on while he falls asleep. Maybe it's because she was raised in the midwest, but she seems like a really sweet person--someone I would love to get to know better, in person. She is moving to the top of my list of celebrities I'd like to meet--right up there with Dolly Parton.

The weather today is gorgeous--a high of 68, sunny, and windy. I can't understand for the life of me why the painter is not here enjoying it while painting my house. What is this guy's deal, anyway??? He missed Friday because he said he had a sick kid, then I saw him on Saturday before we left to a birthday party. He said he was going to stay late that day because he needed to be done by Monday. Well, he was gone by the time I got back around four, then he didn't even show up on Sunday. Here it is 12:13pm and he's still not here today, so I truly doubt he will be finished today. There is no way, in fact. He still haas half the house to paint, window sills to glaze, white trim to be done, the porch floor, and scraping and painting of the garage. If he'd worked all day Saturday and Sunday, he would have easily finished by today.

I think I brought this on myself, sadly. He needed more money for paint for the front porch, because we aren't paying him in total until the job is done and he's out of supply money. I gave him $100 for paint on Saturday, and I haven't seen him since. The reason he said he had to be done by today was because he had to pay his phone bill, but now I see that he probably took that money and paid his phone bill with it rather than buying paint. Not sure how this is going to go down, but I sure wish the hubby would be here to deal with it so I didn't have to, because I'm not good with confrontation!

Yesterday was a nice, lazy Sunday. The hubby actually had the day off, so we took the kid to the Plaza Art Fair, which was lovely. The weather was a bit hot (85 yesterday!), but we all thoroughly enjoyed taking in the art, food, and people/dog watching. There were so many cute dogs there!

Speaking of dogs, we have been talking more and more about finding new homes for Daisy and Vinnie. I feel like the worst dog parent ever, but I don't know what else to do: Vinnie bit the kid on Friday so bad that he cried himself to sleep. He bit him on the soft part of the palm, under his thumb, and bruised him terribly. He didn't break the skin, luckily, but it was not pretty. I was in the bathroom at the time. If I could think of some way to keep them, I would definitely do that, but I feel like I'm being forced into re-homing them. Maybe we just need to wait until the kid is a little older before he can have a dog, so he can understand their boundaries.

It broke my heart this morning, when the kid was sitting with Daisy on the couch, petting her. He kept saying, in this adorable high voice, "Daisy, so cute! Aw, look at your ears! So cute! I love you, Daisy!" She was growling the whole time, and all he wanted was to love her. I'm still trying to figure something else out, so maybe we will be able to keep them, but I'm just not sure right now. They were here first, and it seems terribly unfair to have to give them up for a kid who's been here only two years, but I can't very well give the kid away now, can I? And he's just not learning any lessons. One would think that after being bit several times, he would stop chasing them and pulling their tails and jumping on them, but it's just not the case. :(

I seriously need to get dressed. Preferably, I would take a shower, but I know that as soon as I get in the kid will wake up or the painter will arrive and make the dogs bark. I think I'm going to dye my hair tonight, which could be a serious mistake, but I'm itching for a change. We shall see!

On the agenda today: Bank, park, cleaning...I think that's about it! Lazy day. :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life on the market

So, I'm getting kind of frustrated with having our house on the market. Selling a house is such a personal thing, and every time someone comes to look at it and doesn't like it, it's like they're kicking me in the shins. What's wrong with my house? It's perfectly lovely!

The hubby just took the kid out to clean the car after we drove down the road and back to allow for a showing. We cleaned like mad while I made chocolate chip cookies to leave on the table as a bribe. They actually DID eat some cookies, but they weren't in here very long, so I'm assuming she doesn't like something about my adorable house.

I've been trying to stay positive through this whole experience. Every time we have a showing, I go around telling everyone, "We are selling our house tonight. This one's the one! I can feel it!" But The Secret doesn't seem to be working out very well for me, because so far no one has bitten. Maybe I need to write myself a check for the amount of the house? They say that works. I'll try anything at this point!

It's not only that the whole thing is insulting, but it's just very tedious trying to keep the house spotless all the time. You see, I am not a super-clean person. I'm no pig either, but I don't mind a little clutter here and there. With the house on the market, I can never let the cleaning go for very long, because I know if I do I'll get a call saying someone wants to show the house in an hour. You think I'm kidding, but that actually happened one time! I had to decline, because I didn't have enough time to clean everything, and the clients never came back again. I hope that wasn't the one we were going to hook, because I sure screwed it up!

We have been dumping money into this house left and right, trying to get someone to buy it. A couple months ago it was a new roof, and now we're having the whole exterior painted. The painter is a hoot, by the way. He looks and sounds a lot like Joaquin Phoenix, if Joaquin Phoenix had grown up in Kansas and become a house painter. On the days he comes (which is by no means every day), he gets here around noon, scrapes paint off the side of the house for a few hours while drinking malt liquor and smoking, then leaves. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, because this guy charged about a third of what other contractors quoted, but I just think it's funny. I'm really hoping he gets the work all done by next week, because it's stressing me out. Today, he actually started painting, which was exciting, though he only did 1.75 sides of the house, and only one coat done. I can't understand why he doesn't hire someone to work with him, because surely that would be faster and he'd make his money back in the time saved anyway, but I guess this is just how he does it.

Today, I went out to give him some cookies that I made and I caught him peeing on our house. He was really embarrassed, but I didn't really mind so much. He kept apologizing, saying that in Oklahoma City where he used to live, he would have gotten fined and fired if someone caught him doing that. The guy's gotta put all that beer somewhere, though, right? I'm just glad he didn't come in and track paint all over the floor!

Hopefully we can get this house sold after it's painted and looking all beautiful. Please, readers (if you are out there), send the good vibrations our way! Life on the market is getting to me, it just must sell soon.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I can't seem to get my settings perfect on this here blog, but I'm sticking with this new layout (I think) from here out, so hopefully my photos won't be cut off any more. As a result of changing the layout, some of my past posts have look a little screwy, but rather than going back and fixing them all, I am just posting this disclaimer. Consider yourself disclaimed. That is all.

Autum Euphoria!

Perhaps it's the weather. Or the fact that I'm off the pill. Or maybe I'm getting used to the hubby's crazy work schedule. Or it could be the fact that I have the cutest kid in the world living in my home...whatever the cause, I have had a fabulous sense of euphoria lately. I keep catching myself in these moments where all of a sudden, everything is wonderful in my world and I am so grateful that I want to dance.

I've actually been dancing a lot lately, with the kid. We'll be watching tv and a song will come on and he'll say, "Mommy, dance!" and we'll bounce around like crazy people. Good exercise and an excellent energy boost!

The kid must be really enjoying this state I've been in lately, also. I've got a new-found patience for him and his antics, and I find myself wanting to treat him to movies and candy. Yesterday, we had to go to the bank, so I bribed the kid with the quarter-candy machine in the lobby. There were skittles, hot tamales, and peanut M & M's to choose from, so he chose the skittles. Nope--"too chewy", he said, spitting them out on the bank floor. M&M's?
I told him he wouldn't like them because they had nuts, but he insisted I was wrong. Two bites and..."I don't like these, mom". Yep, it was the nuts. We didn't try the hot tamales, since I was sure that they would be too chewy as well, so I told him he could get some candy at Wal-Mart when we went.

The kid was good all through Wal-Mart, so when we checked out, I let him pick out the candy. Starburst. Ok, that'll do...he's had them before and liked them. I paid for them and he opened the package as I was still checking out. "I don't like these, mom", he stated as he spit a yellow candy onto the floor. Great. So, I threw the Starburst in my purse, got him a giant roll of Smarties and he was finally happy. See? That kind of thing would have brought me to the end of my rope a couple of weeks ago, but this time I just kept buying him candy. Maybe that wasn't the best choice, from a parenting standpoint, but I'm pretty happy that I didn't blow up at him. After all, it's not his fault he didn't like any of that candy...a kid's gotta figure out his likes and dislikes!

With the cooler weather and warmer clothes, I'm finding myself breathing in a little deeper and stopping to appreciate the slowly changing leaves. Throwing in a fall movie, brewing myself a cup of tea, and lighting some spicy candles is my idea of heaven. I want to bake cookies and make soups. I want to put together outfits of sweaters, skirts, and boots.

Speaking of boots, I got the most fabulous pair of them the other day. I have had the same Timberland ankle boots for three years. They are comfy, stylish, and practical, but they are slowly falling apart. I ventured out to find a pair just like them, but tall, so I could wear them with skirts. It was a seemingly impossible mission: Brown suede, round toe, stacked heel, good traction, knee-high. After five stores and no matches, I ventured into Nordstrom and found exactly what I was looking for. And I do mean EXACTLY. It was like a miracle! How cute are these boots???? Unfortunately, they were Franco Sarto and $200. Lucky for me, the hubby was feeling very generous and allowed me to spend part of our escrow surplus check we recently received unexpectedly, so I got them anyway! . Score!

I can't wait for tonight, because today is the 70th anniversary of the release of The Wizard of Oz, so they are showing it in digitally remastered Hi-Definition at select theaters. One show only! I got our tickets yesterday and I hope to show up early so that we can get good seats. I wish I had a costume so the the kid could go dressed up as the tin man or the scarecrow, but I think about it until now, darn it. How cute would that have been? Oh, and if you are thinking I am dragging a two-year-old against his will to the movie theater, you are wrong. He LOVES the Wizard of Oz, and he LOVES the movie theater. He will sit through an entire movie without misbehaving at all, which is remarkable for someone of his age (26 months). Not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed of this fact, but it serves me well, so I guess I'm proud!

On the agenda today: Send family pictures to to be printed and picked up, go get bug bomb for the garage so that we can park the car in there without fear of being eaten by giant spiders, make chocolate chip cookies if I think the better of it after weighing their affect on my hips, and exercise when the kid takes his nap. Oh, and I plan on making my special Spicy Chorizo soup for dinner! This recipe is mine and mine alone, and I would like to share it with all of you, in honor of the beautiful Autumn weather:

TB's Spicy Chorizo Soup

1 lb. spicy Chorizo - crumbled (I generally just use one package, so it's not always exactly a pound)
1/2 lb. smoked bacon - chopped (I use turkey bacon to make it healthier)
1 qt. water
(2) 14.5 oz. cans (about 3 2/3 cups) chicken broth
3 lg. russet potatoes - scrubbed clean, cubed
3 garlic cloves - peeled, crushed
1 med. onion - peeled, chopped
3-4 cups chopped kale (One large bundle will do, you can sub swiss chard if needed, but I love kale)
1 cup half and half
salt and pepper - to taste

-In a skillet over medium-high heat, brown chorizo, breaking into small pieces as you fry it; drain, set aside.
-In a skillet over medium-high heat, brown bacon; drain, set aside.
-Place water, broth, potatoes, garlic, and onion in a pot; simmer over medium heat until potatoes are almost tender.
-Add chorizo and bacon to pot; simmer for 10 minutes.
-Add kale and half and half to pot; season with salt and pepper; heat through.

You can add more hot sauce, like Cholula, if it's not spicy enough for you. Serve with a really spongy bread for dipping!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Some recent photos

Since I've already posted some personal photos, I guess I'll just go ahead and post more! I debated ever posting any photos of myself or my family, but I guess it's ok. It's a struggle for me to not share this kind of thing, since I really am proud of my family! I'm still using the pseudonyms anyway, so I guess it's fine. *shrug*

Here's my little family after my friend's wedding on the 19th. We wanted to get a picture all dressed-up together, since that rarely ever happens. I was planning on getting some professional pictures done this fall, but I'm not sure we'll have the time, with the hubby's job and all. Busy season, you know. These turned out especially nice anyway, so I guess we can forgo the $150 sitting fee I was going to pay and just get these framed for friends and family. These were taken at my Dad's house, and I really couldn't ask for a prettier setting, unless maybe the leaves had been turning. That dress is a BCBG dress I got last year and have already worn several times, but I still really love the thing. It is even more beautiful in person than in the photo--it shimmers with copper threads. The shoes are also a favorite of mine, and aren't nearly as uncomfortable as one would expect!

Here's my Grammy, who we went to see when we were visiting my mom. Grammy lives in a nursing home and suffers from dementia, but is getting a whole lot better, if you ask me. We went to see her both days we were at my mom's house, and she actually remembered that I was coming back the second day, which I was surprised about. I put her hair up in that pony tail and told her she looked like a teenaged cheerleader. She got a kick out of that. :) The kid wouldn't pose with her, so I got him behind her in the photo.

We took the train home from my dad's house, and this is us before we boarded, in Hermann, MO. I was really excited to get on the Amtrak, but I was a little worried when we got there and there was no ticket agent or anything at the station. It was basically just a big shelter with a bench, like at a bus stop. The sign said something about "no checked luggage at this location", so I thought maybe I was in trouble and they wouldn't take my big bag, but that was all for nothing as I had no trouble whatsoever getting on the train. As soon as he saw it coming down the track, the kid yelled, "Blue train!" and ever since then, when he talks about it, he tells people "I ride on blue train." So cute!

Anyway, we really enjoyed our ride. The price really wasn't too expensive...$25 for me, $12.50 for him. It was nice to be able to watch movies and socialize rather than having to drive the whole time, and it only took an hour longer than driving would have taken, so I think it was well-worth the money. The train was also much wider than an airplane, with more leg room, too. There is something to be said about being able to get up and walk around instead of being buckled into a seat the whole time!

After we got back and were all together as a family again, the hubby got an invite to sit in a box at the Chiefs game, so of course we went! It was a very nice day for a game, and the seats were great (although none of those pictures came out). Though he works a lot, it's nice that the hubby has such great perks to take advantage of through his job when he gets the opportunity. The kid was afraid of the cheerleaders when they walked in, but after they left he was looking for them and now that he's home, he constantly wants to look at their picture together. I'm going to print one out so he can look at it whenever he wants. How cute is that? ;)

So, that's the fam! I'll post more photos as I get them, when I remember. I'm sure it's more fun to read a blog when pictures are involved, so I'll try and do that more often.

Note to self:

Never leave the kid out of my view with spaghetti-o's.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Home free

So, obviously I'm home from my trip. All that traveling left me with a stiff neck and a greater appreciation of my comfy, cozy home.

My day at Barnes-Jewish went well, but it was tiring. I had a counseling session, a CT scan with contrast dye, and a consultation with a kidney specialist. The CT was really weird--the dye makes you feel like you're peeing on yourself, believe it or not. Speaking with the doctor made me a little nervous, because she told me that my liver enzymes were elevated and they needed to re-test them. Apparently, they thought that I went on a booze bender the night before my first test, the reading was so high (I didn't).

Today, I spoke with the kidney donor office, and the representative told me that the re-test came out fine, so hooray! I was worried! Now, all I have to do is get clearance from my OB/GYN and I'll go on the paired kidney exchange list! Isn't that exciting? I'm nervous about being called in to donate a kidney, but I'm also really excited at the prospect of being able to help at least two people with this paired exchange. The only thing I'm really concerned about is the recovery period, since I won't be able to pick up the kid for at least six weeks. That's a long time!

So, as a result of this whole kidney exchange, I've gone off of my birth control pill. The doctor told me that I needed to be off the pill for at least three months before donating, as hospital policy. Apparently, with all the thousands of transplants they've done at that hospital, only one live donor died, and that was the result of a blood clot. She was on the pill. Makes sense from a liability standpoint, I guess.

In all actuality, I'm really excited to be free from the pill! Sure, it's got some benefits--painless periods, clearer skin, convenient birth control--but it's so nice not to have the synthetic hormones in my body. I'm hoping that I'll be able to go off Zoloft now, since I think that the pill was partly to blame for my depression in the first place. I'm also hoping that I'll lose these ten pounds that have recently, for no reason, taken up residence on my frame. Luckily my clothes still fit, but that number on the scale is still bothering me.

The weather here has been so lovely, I've been looking forward to Halloween this year with great enthusiasm. We've been invited to my cousin's house for a family Halloween party, so that's what we'll do. She has three kids who get along famously with mine, so it should be a really great time! I need to get to work on a super hero costume for him, as all he can talk about is flying and being super-strong. I was going to do Buzz Lightyear, but I may go with one of the Incredibles, since that would be so much easier. I was looking through photos of last Halloween today and the kid looked so adorable, I can't even tell you. I guess I'll have to show you:

He was dressed as Vinnie, our dog. I worked tirelessly on that costume--searching everywhere for a black sweatsuit and beanie, cutting the ears out of paper patterns first, then tracing them onto felt and sewing them on the hat, making sure that the white pattern on the kid's belly matched that of the dog's--but I must say that the whole thing was worth it when I saw him dressed up, smiling. This year will be even better than last, because he already understands Halloween! He's been saying to me, "Mom, I wanna eat Halloween!" The kid's got a memory for candy, I'll tell ya!

That picture makes me miss having long hair. :( I've really enjoyed this short haircut, but I think it's time to grow it back out. I've even started taking prenatal vitamins to try and get it to grow before Christmas. Maybe I'll just dye it for now, to mix it up a bit. Darker, maybe? We'll see what happens!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still out of town.

So, as we were locking up the house for our long weekend with family, I got a call from the kidney donor office, saying that I was cleared for the next round of testing to participate in the paired kidney exchange for Eileen. Woohoo! The bad news? They can only do this next round of testing on a WEDNESDAY. We were only planning on staying through Monday, as the hubby had to get back to work, but we figured out a plan for me and the kid to stay past Wednesday so that I don't have to drive all the way back to St. Louis again. He would take me to my mom's house before leaving on Monday, where I would stay with the kid until Wednesday when my mom could take me up to Barnes-Jewish for testing. Then she would take me back to my dad's house Wednesday night, and they would take me and the kid to the train station on Thursday to ride the Amtrak home.

So, I'm at my mom's house right now. She also lives in the middle of nowhere, but it's much more relaxing than my dad's house, as there isn't a gaggle of kids running around arguing with one another and their parents. She has a beautiful deck off the back of her house, woods all around, with four bird feeders set up around the perimeter. The hummingbirds offer constant entertainment, and the kid hasn't even gotten bored yet, which is saying something since she doesn't really have any toys. The weather has been absolutely beautiful, so we've been spending a lot of time outdoors and the kid often exclaims, "Nice weather!". So cute!

I've never really seen the appeal of living in the country, but I always enjoy my time when I visit. There is something so sweet about having only four television channels and bird watching. I don't think I've ever quite fully enjoyed the coming of Autumn as much as I have this year--it's so lovely to have the time to take it all in.

The weekend was a lot of fun. Very relaxing, and so nice to be able to take advantage of the hubby's time off. We went to a wedding of one of my high school friends on Saturday. It was in a very very small town, so the hubby and I were incredibly over-dressed. Oops. I always forget that people don't dress up as much in small towns! I'm glad that he has gotten to a point where he doesn't even flinch when he goes to a wedding and sees people wearing shorts. He's just accepted small-town life in Missouri, and he doesn't judge. He even said he had a great time! I love him so much. :)

On Sunday, we took the kid to the zoo with Eileen. St. Louis zoo is really fun! It's free to get in, but parking is $11, lunch was $25, and the kid's zoo cost $3/person, so...yeah, not actually free. It was ok, though. Still had a great time! I enjoyed a delicious sugar-free cherry sno-cone, which I suspected wasn't actually sugar-free, but that's ok.

OMG, there is a guy on tv who is trying to put on like 200 t-shirts. He only got to 177 and he almost passed out. Dummy.

Anyway, I have to go do my last round of kidney testing tomorrow, which includes a talk with the doctor, a CT or MRI scan, and a talk with a counselor. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm getting a little bit nervous! The way it works is, if I get approved as a donor, they'll put my info on a national list. If there is someone out there who I am match for, and THEY have a loved one who is a match for Eileen, then I will donate to them and their person will donate to her. I like it, because two people get kidneys instead of just one! I am a little concerned about the recovery, and not being able to hold the kid, but he is two now and can mostly walk everywhere, and I imagine that my mom and sister will be very helpful after the surgery, so it should be fine. I'll write more about all this after my appointment, or after I hear my results.

On the agenda today: get dressed, clean up a bit, then go and bring my Grandma some pictures in the nursing home. We went to see her yesterday, but I promised her I would come back today since our visit was so short. I wish I could think of something to do with her...she just sits there and I have to shout everything I say to her, but I know she really appreciates the company.

Better get going!


I'm considering scrapping this whole pseudonym thing, but I don't want anyone to be pissed off at me. It's getting kind of tedious, coming up with one for everyone and not saying my hubby's or kid's name!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So busy, so busy...

It's been a while since I've written but, as you can see by this blog title, I have been very busy.

The kid and I went out of town last Thursday to Monday while the hubby stayed home and worked. He had opening weekend (he works for KU athletics) and so he wasn't home at all anyway, which allotted a good opportunity for me to go out and see some family.

On Friday, I went with my brother in-law to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis to get some testing done for his wife, Eileen. She is suffering from kidney failure and needs a transplant. The first round of testing revealed that I am not a match for her, but I am hoping to participate in the paired kidney exchange, where they put me on a national list and I can donate to someone who has another donor for Eileen. Like on that one episode of Grey's Anatomy, where they had like 10 pairs? Like that. Anyhoo, the testing was a breeze: 8 tubes of blood, a cup or urine, a chest x-ray and an EKG. I was incredibly impressed with the speediness of it all! I was seriously in and out of there in 45 minutes, tops. Very well-oiled machine they have running over there at Barnes-Jewish!

On Saturday, I had to take the kid to the emergency room because we thought he broke his wrist. It was such a fluke: he was just crawling around on the floor (which he is, admittedly, out of practice doing since he has been walking for over a year now), and next thing you know, he's face down, screaming his head off. Poor li'l guy. Usually, when he gets injured, he just cries for a good thirty seconds then stops and says, "I fine", while wiping away his tears. This time he would NOT stop crying. He even let me put ice on his wrist, which was a good indicator something was seriously wrong, since he never lets me put ice on him.

I gave him some Tylenol and buckled him in his seat while my step mom drove us to the closest ER, about 40 miles away. Sometimes, living in the middle of nowhere can be a real pain in the ass. Makes me glad I live in a city!

Anyway, the kid was a real trooper, only crying when someone touched his ailing arm, and making polite conversation ("Monsters Inc a good movie."). After a round of x-rays, it was determined to be only a bad sprain--not a break, thank God. The nurse wrapped his arm up in an Ace bandage as he sipped on a Sprite and ate cookies that my step mom got for him to make him feel better.

On Sunday, I was fortunate enough to meet up with my friend Lynette, who was in town for a wedding over the long weekend. She was meeting her family at the zoo, and she graciously asked me and the kid to tag along. He was getting around very well with the one hand, so we jumped in the car and headed to the zoo. Seeing Lynette and her husband was so great! I miss her so much. She just found out that she is expecting her first baby, so it's a very exciting time for both of them. The zoo was fun, but hot, and we didn't get to stay and visit near long enough, but I was very thankful for the time we did have together.

So, the trip to my dad's house was eventful. In between outings, my dad kept trying to engage me in political conversation, which I tried my best to avoid. The only news channel he watches is Fox, and he's pretty much worried himself into a frenzy over all the doom and gloom he hears day in and day out, thinking that our country is going to become Communist or something. It makes me really sad to think that he believes all that crap, but he does it to himself by immersing himself in that sort of rhetoric day in and day out, so I can't feel too bad for him.

When we got back on Monday, the hubby's dad was here visiting, and he left yesterday. This Friday, we are leaving AGAIN to go visit my family and Eileen's family, because the hubby has a three-day-weekend and we want to take full advantage of it. I am really not looking forward to the three-hour drive there and the three-hour drive back, but I guess it will be worth it to spend some time with the hubby. His hours have been so ridiculous lately that I am coming to the end of my rope. I don't feel like I know him very well anymore, and parenting by myself is definitely taking a toll on my nerves! Let's just hope it gets better soon...everyone says it will, so I'll trust that.

This weekend we are going to sell our house. I can feel it. Our Realtor is doing an open house while we're gone on Sunday, and I'm sure someone will come in and write up a contract on the spot. This is me being positive. Positive, positive, positive! I got all the repairs done, all that's needed for it to be perfect now is an exterior paint job, which we will be hiring someone to do in the next couple of weeks.

On the agenda today is the bank, Sam's Club, and Wal-Mart, in that order, then cleaning and making dinner. Do you think that housewives in the 50's were able to get so much more work done because they didn't have the internet to distract them? I'm guessing that's the case. Either that, or it wasn't as lovely and perfect as everyone made it out to be. Probably the latter, actually.

Well, better get going. So much to do, so little time...
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