Thursday, August 27, 2009

Daisy the dog.

The weather is getting cool already! So exciting! I'm supposed to take the kid to a playdate at the park with my mom's group, but it's kind of wet and rainy out, so we'll see if that happens or not. I'm not too keen on him playing on a damp playground with wet wood chips under foot.

My dogs are driving me freakin' nuts.
Daisy, in particular, barks constantly. She is an an epileptic, so I try and cut her some slack, but she's *this close* to moving. We gave her away twice now, and both times she came back. Actually, she didn't really start out as our dog. The hubby was weed-eating the lawn one day and she just showed up in the middle of the road, watching him. We took her in, gave her a bath, took her picture and put up fliers, but nobody ever claimed her, poor thing. I can't imagine why--she's super-cute.

We already had two dogs at the time, which is the legal limit in our county, so we gave her to my sister's sister-in-law. She kept her for a few weeks before her cat started chewing a hole in her own side in retaliation. So, back she came and we took her in as our own.

Earlier this year, we had some horrible neighbors. They had a dog that ran around the neighborhood all the time and someone called animal control on them. When the officer showed up to take their dog, they got mad and told the guy that we had three dogs and that they should take one of ours too, presumably because they thought we turned them in (we didn't). The animal control officer was really nice to me, possibly because I came to the door in pajamas with no bra and a baby on my hip, then proceeded to cry when he told me I had to get rid of a dog. He ended up backtracking and telling me that he hated his job and he was so sorry and actually, I didn't have to get rid of one, just to take out two out at a time so the neighbors can't complain. Well, I figured they would see what we were doing and call us in again, so off Daisy went to stay with a friend.

During the time we had only two dogs, one of them, Chiko, began to get aggressive with the neighborhood kids, so I took him to live with my mom in the country.
He now lives a very happy life, chasing rabbits and rolling in mud puddles. As soon as he was gone, Daisy began to have seizures while living with our friend. The day I took her back home, she had EIGHT and I had to take her to the Emergency Vet that evening. SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS later, we found out that she was epileptic and will have to be on seizure meds for the remainder of her life. Great.

So, that's Daisy for you. She's cute as a button, just came into our lives one day, and now she's a sickly thing. The kid loves to terrorize both Daisy and Vinnie, and he's taken to pulling Daisy's tail, which she does not seem to appreciate as much as he does. He also chases them around with bats, hitting them. Vinnie seems to tolerate it pretty well now, even though he's going on 8 years old.

Ok, yeah, so Daisy's getting a new home. As I took a little break from writing this blog, she bit the kid on the cheek/mouth. He bled. Not ok. I'm not blaming the dog, because obviously she was pushed to her breaking point, but I certainly can't find the kid a new home, and it seems that they are unable, at least right now, to live in harmony. This sucks. Guess I'd better get on that.
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